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1. Vote for your FAVORITE character in each poll.

2. SHUT YOUR WHINING. It's not a good look.

3. NO FAKE JOURNALS and NO OUTSIDE PLATFORMS (DREAMWIDTH, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC.). Due to previous incidents of ballot stuffing, fake Livejournals created during the dates of this or any previous game OR any platform that isn't Livejournal (Dreamwidth, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be counted in the results.

4. A schedule of the tournament can be found HERE. (Please note that US Daylight Savings Time starts on March 9, 2013 at 2AM EST. Check here for time zones.)

Tags: round: championship, year: 2015
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This woman helped take down the Nazis,

Defused bombs,

Battled brainwashed chameleon assassins,

And took on misogyny in the 1940s.

I think she can handle Nancy Drew during her rebellious phase.

Oh, she also makes a pretty great blonde if that's your thing.

So happy Amy lost! And by just four votes! So proud my vote was one of those four!

My spite vote counted! That's what she gets for defeating Eliza Dooley!

Go Veronica Mars! I am voting for her again!

I have seen neither show but I believe both deserve to win.

While I've been shamelessly stanning for Peggy, as you undoubtedly haven't noticed the past few rounds, I voted Veronica in the last round, and I just wanted to say kudos to you for going for the under dog if you can't decide. (I did that in an earlier round when I voted Poussey who of course lost to Joan * sighs * even though I'd never seen her show)

Selfie was very cute! It's a pity it didn't really get a fair chance to live up to its potential!


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Veronica likes to let people underestimate her. It works to her advantage.

Vote Veronica.
She's really not the only one.


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March 13 2015, 22:32:25 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  March 13 2015, 22:35:39 UTC

Veronica Mars is Smarter than You

Here she is being smart and sexy:

And she really hates it when people diss Jane Austen:

Her dad knows how smart she is:

The principal of her high school respects her intelligence:

When the local gang leader gets in trouble, he knows who to call:

Even her nemesis corrupt sheriff knows how smart she is:

Vote Veronica.
She's got it covered.

Love the dedication in your campaigning!

Argyle is great and all, but here's a counterpoint.


Sweet sweet vintage plaid.


March 13 2015, 22:44:03 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  March 13 2015, 22:46:08 UTC

vmarsboozesm a BOSS!

I did not know this until recently but it's possible to get local tv channels without a satettile dish or cable tv subscription. Dish and cable are way too expensive. I went to target and got a tv antenna for $20 and now I can watch abc, nbc, cbs, cw, pbs, and many more non cable channels for free 24/7!

The antenna plugs into your tv and that's it! You don't have to climb on the roof of your house or anything. It's super easy to hook up. And it's legal!


.......who on earth paid you to advertise in the comments of FMM in 2015? They need better market research.
..........did my comment here seriously just get marked as spam
Oh no! I've been seeing all your comments just fine...maybe it was an accident? I didn't even know there was a spam button on LJ. Could the mods unmark it?


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Vote for Peggy Carter!

Peggy Carter may not have any superpowers, but if you look at Captain America: The First Avenger, it’s as much of a heroic origin story for her as it is for Steve Rogers. In fact, in that regard it subverts one of the most overused tropes in the action movie genre: the fridged girlfriend. Instead of rescuing his love interest from a supervillain or having to avenge her death, Captain America’s motivation is tied up in the kidnap and eventual death of his friend Bucky. So while Peggy Carter is technically his love interest (or alternatively, Steve is hers), from a storytelling perspective she’s more like an authority figure than a traditional female romantic lead. And from the point of view of her life story, Steve Rogers himself is the “fridged girlfriend.” If you interpret the movie as Peggy’s origin story as a hero, Steve is the love interest who dies too young, inspiring for her to forge ahead with her life and become one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D., thus changing the Marvel universe forever. -source: Gavia Baker-Whitelaw on the Daily Dot

She's a character so amazing that Captain America had to be fridged to give her a sufficiently epic origin story.

The best thing about this is that he was literally fridged, as in put on ice. *shows self out*


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2 years ago

Like, I love both these ladies. I'm happy if either wins. But my heart belongs to Veronica Mars.

Bitches, exactly two years ago today we crossed the $2,000,000 goal in less than 12 hours on the Kickstarter that brought VMars back to life. Exactly one year ago today (or tomorrow, depending on which showings you went to), the movie premiered. That shit is gold. That shit gives me life regardless of who wins here today.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me, and I like it that way.
What a wonderful anniversary. :)


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March 14 2015, 00:06:39 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  March 14 2015, 00:11:07 UTC

I want to take a moment to talk about Veronica's character development throughout the series and into the movie/books.

This is a young woman who experienced a lot of horrors. To list just a few - her best friend's murder, her own rape, her alcoholic mother abandoning her and stealing her college money, being threatened and attacked numerous times, solving multiple murders and other violent crimes - not to mention all of the smaller cheating spouse and corrupt authority figure cases she solved.

This is a young woman with very little reason to trust anyone. She struggled, as a teenager, to let people in and tell them what she was feeling. She struggled to allow herself any kind of vulnerability or emotional attachments. She struggled to trust that even her closest friends were telling her the truth and often suspected them in crimes she was solving.

And yet, this same young woman did learn to trust people - she did open up to a few close friends eventually - she allowed herself to love and be loved in return - and she found herself trusting her instincts about the people she knew well. It was slow going, and it's still an issue for her, but she's getting there and it's been a joy to see her journey.

Here - let this gifset speak for itself:

Veronica Mars - for layered character development.

Deleted comment

On the one hand, Veronica Mars, show of my life.

When the CW cancelled it vowed to not watch the ending until I knew there would be more, and I did, the summer after the Kickstarter I watched all of it again from start to finish.. Some 2,493 days after the show was cancelled, we finally had OUR movie!
The Kickstarter launched the morning of a midterm, but not even that could take away the pep in my step after I'd pledged something like $5 to the campaign (would go up significantly as they added more cool stuff natch)
Exactly a year ago today I was at one of the fan events they had with two friends in a theater PACKED with fellow Marshmallows. I still get chills thinking about it.
I also remember thinking a year ago how sweet it would be for VM to be eligible for FMM the next year and how hard I'd fight for her. And here we are.

But then in the meantime along came a little show called Agent Carter.

And I just LOVE it SO MUCH. We need more, and I hope TPTB at Mavel/Disney realize that soon.

I'm totally fine with whoever takes this, they are both winners in my book.
Veronica Mars - pint sized badass

Her snark:

Her wit:

Her P.I. skills:

Her taser, fists, etc:

Veronica talks tough, thinks tough, acts tough, and fights tough. She just doesn't look tough.

Me? At this point, I don't care who wins or loses.

1. way over half of the contenders were female. Closer to 90% or something?

2. All of them were awesome.

3. Bolly Booper For PRESIDENT!

Suspended comment


She has been given another chance to be the FMM Champion after so many times being robbed!

And she has come a very loooooong way!

(lumadreamland on tumblr)

In 2009, she was robbed...
2009fmm-veronica copy

Then in 2010, she was robbed, by the same fandom!

In 2011, she was ALMOST THERE!

In 2012, she was ROBBED YET AGAIN!

She has never be seen from 2013 onwards, until now...

(veronicasmars on tumblr)

This year, she is now in the chase for the FMM glory, fighting against that next door neighbor Gossip Dan Hooper!

(whitegaysaintshit on tumblr)

(veronicasmars on tumblr)

And tomorrow is the first year anniversary of Veronica Mars movie!

(veronicamarsconfessions on tumblr)

Without her FMM win as her anniversary present, it'll be nothing

(lumadreamland on tumblr)


This so clearly has to happen and I can't believe we've just been hovering around 30% the whole time so far. Grrrr.
The real winner no matter what is us TV fans. Because I dunno about y'all but FMM always helps me find great new shows to watch. I guess it's about time I check out Agent Carter.
Unless of course I win the office pool then I'm the real winner take that Peggy.
Agreed! Over the years FMM introduced me to Orphan Black, Fringe, Miranda and probably more I'm forgetting. I've got five shows to try out thanks to the great fans and their campaigns this year.
How Veronica Mars deals with sexual harassment...

(and of course V's hilarious response to actress Kristen Bell's real-life husband Dax...)

Bonus Round - not sexual harassment but when her boyfriend who she was keeping things secret with and his friends came by, and the friends started taunting her, instead of letting the bf defend her, she just jumped in with:

Vote Veronica.
You want to talk about a woman who deserves recognition?

Agent Carter is the first female-driven vehicle from Marvel. They've hemmed and hawed for years about giving us ladies our due but we finally got it. Even better, it was a show made by women for women. It managed to be more than your typical 'Action Girl' series, mixing in a retro period drama with narratives on sexism, moving on and the lives of veterans after the war -- in-between peppy action sequences and mysterious conspiracies, of course! It has been so long since I've watched a show that left me practically quaking with excitement every time I start a new episode, having that feeling carry through all the way to the end credits.

And yet, in spite of having ratings comparatively good to some of ABC's other programming, as well as comparable to the first season of male-driven comic shows like CW's Arrow and The Flash, there's a huge possibility this show will never get a second season. Some news sites are jumping the gun and already calling it cancelled. As a loyal fan of Marvel and Peggy, it makes me angry. But more than that I'm sad that so many people don't get it. They don't see what Peggy Carter means to those of us who fell in love with the show.

Peggy Carter deserves better. Peggy Carter deserves more.
Maybe we can't control the fate of the show, but here and now we can give her the recognition she deserves, immortalized in FMM glory.

Your campaign is both eloquent and touching! <3
P.S. I just came across this ( ) think it's too late to call in?


2 years ago

awesome fanart


March 14 2015, 12:25:37 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  March 14 2015, 12:26:39 UTC

Watch the original Agent Carter one shot!!!

Premiering at Comic Con, this was first released as a bonus on the Iron Man 3 blu-ray, and helped inspire the current series! The film is a short and sweet 15 minutes, for those who haven't had time to watch Captain America or the TV series. (The site is Vimeo, commonly used for short films, and hopefully shouldn't give anyone any problems.) Happy viewing!

Official Publicity Art
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