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1. Vote for your FAVORITE character in each poll.

2. SHUT YOUR WHINING. It's not a good look.

3. NO FAKE JOURNALS and NO OUTSIDE PLATFORMS (DREAMWIDTH, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC.). Due to previous incidents of ballot stuffing, fake Livejournals created during the dates of this or any previous game OR any platform that isn't Livejournal (Dreamwidth, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be counted in the results.

4. A schedule of the tournament can be found HERE. (Please note that US Daylight Savings Time starts on March 9, 2013 at 2AM EST. Check here for time zones.)

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An interesting analysis from tumblr discusses the "seven tests that Agent Carter passed..." and more.

1. Passes the Mako Mori Test:

  • The Test: “The show has a) at least one female character, b) who gets her own narrative, c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.”

  • Peggy Carter isn’t kicking butt because she’s trying to prove herself to anyone, she’s doing it because she wants to help people. That’s why she joined the SSR back in WWII, it didn’t change when she met Rogers, and it hasn’t changed since she lost him.

2. Passes the Bechdel Test:

  • The test: “The show has a) at least two women; b) who talk to each other; c) about something besides a man.”

  • This is the lowest bar for female representation and not only does Agent Carter pass, but an entire sub-plot is nothing but two females talking to each other about everything but guys.

3. Passes the Oracle Test:

  • The Test: “The show has a disabled character who a) is not there ‘to be fixed’; b) whose narrative does not revolve around the disability; c) does their job while having a disability, not in spite of having a disability.”

  • Sousa is a wounded war vet who may not be able to chase down bad guys, but he has a voice in the group and does his job. He’s not trying to prove anything, nor does he have something to prove. You might even forget he’s disabled because it’s simply a part of who he is, not what he is.

4. Passes the Phryne Fisher Test:

  • The Test: “The show has a female character who a) has a traditionally masculine job; b) does not masculinize herself for the sake of the job; c) uses her femininity to her advantage; d) is not sexualized in the narrative.”     

  • Peggy is allowed to be herself, and that means wearing whatever makes her comfortable. She wears skirts, has her hair done up, and her makeup is on point, for her, not for an audience who might want to sexualize her. And when she needs a day off to go hunt down bad guys without her boss knowing, she has no qualms in using his chauvinism against him. She even threw out that line about ‘until I’m married’ to convince the land lady to rent her an apartment.

5. Passes the Sexy Lamp Test:

  • The Test: “Can you replace the female character with a sexy lamp? If so, then you’re a hack.”

  • Just because Peggy is the title character doesn’t mean she can’t be overshadowed by her male counterparts. In Agent Carter, Peggy is more likely to hit you with a sexy lamp than be the sexy lamp. Angie also passes the sexy lamp test as the supporting character.

---Marvel Meta Analysis and Essays
that is awesome.
indeed Carter is a great show, i dont understand why a season 2 is not certain


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This is such a tough vote!
Closed! Mary will be posting the results sometime today!
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