Former Tumblr User Jeff Davis (astrofisica) wrote in f_march_madness,
Former Tumblr User Jeff Davis

Introducing Your New Mods


Hi! We just thought we'd make a little post to introduce ourselves as the new mods of f_march_madness and let you all know what our plans for the community are. If you were concerned that the new mods were going to come in and switch things up with a bunch of rules designed to change the tone of the competition — don't be. We're very much planning to follow typicrobots' lead on that score.¹

The one major change we're planning to make is some tweaks to the way the fandoms are selected for the competition — in a way which hands a greater degree of control to you, the community. We haven't entirely ironed out how we're planning to do that but we'll share details with you all before next year's competition! But the aim is to try to make the competition as representative of fandom zeitgeists as it can be with input from the community. Basically: it's not about us, it’s about you — competitions like this are only fun when everyone can get involved. We’re here to facilitate that.

I guess that's all we have to say at this point (aside from our personal introductions, under the cut). We hope that everyone has as much fun next March (and beyond) as we have under typicrobots' illustrious reign. We're looking forward to our first competition!

¹This seems like a great place to mention that we’ve had a lot of help and advice from typicrobots on how to run the competition. It’s been really invaluable and we’re eternally grateful for it.


Hi, astrofisica here.

It is an honor to be chosen to become Fandom March Madness' new moderator, alongside my friend¹ penumbra. I have been a participant for the past three rounds, so I am quite pleased to have an opportunity to work behind the scenes. We have loads of ideas² we plan on introducing to everyone at a much later date. (We must make sure our expectations and realities match up before we implement them.) Until then, we figured we should drop some knowledge on who's now running the joint.

I've been ~doing fandom for awhile now, ten years give or take. (The key is to start them off young, lbr. Then they are a lifer.) I have gained experience since then moderating communities and forums, though not necessarily of this size and activity, on and off Livejournal.

My past fandoms have included Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Doctor Who, and Pushing Daisies. Lately I have had enthusiasm for New Girl, The Hour, Switched at Birth, Grandma's House, and Parks and Rec. I unironically listen to Jason Derulo (to Mary's dismay) and have never received a GetGlue sticker.

I am wishing for a smooth transition, and I hope to see some new and familiar faces next year³.


¹Debatable, k. How much do I truthfully know about Mary? The answer: Not a whole lot. I mean, she is English. Can't trust an Englishwoman.
²Okay. Not really. In reality, it is two. Maybe three. Depending how you dice 'em.
³#jessicaday2013 #marthajones2013 #avatarkorra2013 #santanalopez2013 #marycrawley2013: It’s never too early to start your campaigns. Ask the United States Government.


Hello! This is penumbra. I'm looking forward to co-moderating Fandom March Madness with my mild acquaintance, a girl I would give the time of day but little else to, astrofisica; like Crystal I have had some good times participating in FMM so I am pumped to be involved with the administration side of the competition.

I have been involved in the fandoms for Doctor Who, Smallville, the Whedonverse, The Mighty Boosh, Damages, and Community.

Recently I've been following Downton Abbey, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, Grandma's House, Luther, and The Hour. I am trusting Crystal — quite the feat, given her shifty eyes — to post this message without making any egregious edits or snarky comments about my nationality.

I’m looking forward to running the competition and hope you’re all as satisfied with our modship as with typicrobots'!


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